About us

It All Began With a Smile!

When Osa’s niece turned five, her only request was a 3-tier cake befitting of a princess. After several bakers declined, Osa decided to take on the feat and made the cake. There was an undeniable joy on her niece’s face upon seeing the cake and a heartwarming smile from her very first bite. Osa never forgot that smile!

Over two years, Osa tested and tinkered with different cake recipes to create unusually delicious flavors. Rewarded with the smiles of friends and family who flocked to her kitchen for her experiments, the masterpiece RUME Patisserie was born. What started as all-nighters in the corner of Osa’s kitchen has expanded into a women-run cake shop that passionately explores textures and flavors to deliver smiles on every plate.

Here at RUME, our women are empowered to push your culinary boundaries to unknown levels while serving you with respect, dedication, and integrity. We are committed to our craftsmanship and, above all, taste and texture. Join us on our journey as we continue to conquer the frontiers of your senses.


To infinity and beyond,